• About Patricia Prescott

    My name is Patricia Prescott. I earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and I am the Clinical Director of The Caribbean Center for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

    My career as a psychologist allows me to realize my core value of helping people while being effective and efficient in the process. For the past twenty years the focus of my continuing education has been to provide cutting edge treatment protocols for my clientele.

    I received my undergraduate degree in psychology and my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of West Indies. I also read for a Masters in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY).

    I attended the Beck Institute for one and half years of intensive  training in Cognitive Therapy, the most popular and well researched treatment of psychological disorders. After that period of training I was accepted by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and designated a certified cognitive therapist. I am currently the only psychologist in the English speaking Caribbean Community that has achieved this level of certification in cognitive therapy.

    Over the years, I have received further training from the Beck Institute for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Personality Disorders and use of Meditation to treat worry, rumination and thought suppression. I have received training from The Massachusetts General Hospital Academy and Marsha Linehan; these institutions are world leaders in the field of mental health treatment for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and emotional dysregulation.

    I am licensed to practice as a clinical psychologist in Jamaica.

    Prior to a full-time commitment to my private practice, I served the University community for nine years as a sessional psychologist at the University of West Indies Health Center Counseling Unit. I also worked in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Community Health and Psychiatry as a consultant psychologist.

    Patricia Prescott, PhD April 26, 2020

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    Associate Clinical Psychologist.

    Delecia Wisdom, Msc

    Delecia M. Wisdom has formally studied psychology since 2011, beginning with University of Cambridge A-level psychology courses. She later moved on to the University of the West Indies, where in June 2016, she was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with First Class Honours. Delecia completed her Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology in May 2021, and she received her licence to practice independently in May 2023.

    She is presently employed as a Licenced Associate Clinical Psychologist, providing services in psychological assessments and psychotherapy. In providing psychotherapy to adolescents, young adults and older adults, her clinical approach primarily employs Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychodynamic methods. She has received training in the treatment of several psychological difficulties and life issues, ranging from relationship difficulties and stress management to clinical conditions such as anxiety, personality disorders and depression. She is a Certified Anxiety-Informed Professional and has a special interest in treating individuals with suicidal thoughts and self-harm.

    As a psychologist, Delecia aims to be warm, understanding and facilitate insight, without fear of judgement. Her aim is to work collaboratively with clients and to equip them with tools which assist them to live more intentionally, as well as to be more satisfied and empowered. She also aims to help clients to become their own therapists, use their social support systems, discover their strengths and work towards living functional lives. Her greatest pleasure in working as a psychologist, is seeing individuals grow and develop, finding within themselves strengths and capacities which they had not previously experienced.